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MIKAVIK LLC    and    Hannon Lands LLC

is a joint venture beteen two different, but related companies.

Single point of contact


MIKAVIC LLC   -  Hannon Lands LLC 
1470 Taylor Ridge Ct.
Erie,  PA  16505

Phone: (814)440-1040

Commercial Property - Commercial Land - Commercial Real Estate

MIKAVIC LLC   Hannon Lands LLC   1470 Taylor Ridge Ct.  Erie, PA  16505  Phone: (814)440-1040      emailDDOLAN@LKERIE.COM

MIKAVIC, LLC and Hannon Lands LLC  are not a realtors, real estate agents , registered brokers or part of any MLS.

MIKAVIC LLC and Hannon Lands LLC are a private  owners, listing commercial property/ land for sale.   Copyright © 2018 MIKAVIC LLC - All Rights Reserved.

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